While we’re living lives close to home—perhaps homeschooling kids we hadn’t planned on homeschooling or filling time with toddlers but without libraries—please feel free to comment below or email me (thea@littlebookbigstory.com). I would love to help you find good books for your family! I can’t drop them off at your house, but I can at least try to find some titles your family will love. (And thank you so much to those of you who reached out last week! It is a joy to get to help out somehow, even from afar.)

You know that middle part of the Bible with all the skinny books by people with names like Habakkuk and Obadiah? That’s a mysterious stretch of Scripture, even for many adults. But 30 Prophecies: One Story invites kids to consider those books (the minor prophets) as well as the better-known major prophets (like Isaiah and Jeremiah), by connecting those prophecies with the One who fulfilled them—every single one.

30 Prophecies: One Story, by Paul Reynolds | Little Book, Big Story

Though a picture book, 30 Prophecies: One Story is a devotional intended for older readers. Paul Reynolds lays each prophecy out in a way that helps readers grasp the context for the prophet, the prophecy itself, the way Jesus fulfilled that prophecy, and the way that prophecy connects to the rest of Scripture. Each reading closes, as well, with an application section and a prayer. It’s a beautiful and coherent way to read the Bible, and for my history-minded daughter, I think it’s a way that will resonate with her.

30 Prophecies: One Story, by Paul Reynolds | Little Book, Big Story

In hindsight, this would have made an excellent devotional for Lent. Ah, hindsight. As it is, it would be a great Easter gift (and will be, in our house).

30 Prophecies: One Story
Paul Reynolds (2019)