I would love to hear from you (especially if you have a really great book recommendation)! You can email me at thea@littlebookbigstory.com.  I also show up from time to time on Instagram and Pinterest. Here are a few other places you can find my work online:


Deeply Rooted Magazine, Issue 11: Wisdom | Little Book, Big Story

In addition to sharing book reviews here, I am a regular contributor for Deeply Rooted Magazine as well as both the poetry contributor and the short story illustrator for Wildflowers Magazine. My work has also appeared in Story Warren and Tirzah Magazineand once on Every Morning, New Mercies, where my dear friend Jennifer Harris interviewed me for her readers.

You can find a few of my published pieces below (but if you only read one, read this one):

The Ingredients We Have on Hand” (Story Warren, 2019)
To My Church on the Day it Dissolves” (Deeply Rooted, 2019)
Three Questions to Ask Before You Take My Adviceparenting (Deeply Rooted, 2018)
The Riot & The Dance” —
interview with N.D. Wilson (Deeply Rooted, 2018)
Whatever is Pure and Lovely” (Story Warren, 2018)
A Home & A Hungerinterview with Caroline Cobb (Deeply Rooted, 2018)
Come to Him Like Little Children” —on prayer (Deeply Rooted, 2017)
Through the Waters” —on motherhood (Deeply Rooted, 2017)
The Savior and the Saved” —my testimony (Deeply Rooted, 2017)
In the Beginning” —Advent (Deeply Rooted, 2016)
The Christ Candle” —Advent (Deeply Rooted, 2015)
The Candle of Prophecy” —Advent (Deeply Rooted, 2015)
A Letter to My Daughter About Beauty” (Deeply Rooted, 2015)
The Conviction of Things Not Seen” (Story Warren, 2015)
How I Learned to Love Love Stories” (Deeply Rooted, 2015)
At the Threshold of the Day” —on early mornings (Deeply Rooted, 2014)


Wildflowers Magazine: Christmas Issue (Illustration by Thea Rosenburg) | Little Book, Big Story

I spend early mornings writing and nap time painting (and eating chocolate). You can find some of my artwork in Wildflowers Magazine or right here on Flickr.


Thea Rosenburg | Little Book, Big Story
Gabriel Boone Photography

. . . and I write songs! In a former life, I played them for live audiences often. You can download my EP, originally released on Murder Mountain Records, for free on Bandcamp, along with a live recording of some of my newer songs. You can also watch a much younger me sing for our local college radio station here. More recently, I got to sing with Gateway Hymns on a compilation of Fanny Crosby’s hymns.

On Accepting Books for Review

I do sometimes accept review copies of books, but I am not compensated in any other way for my reviews. I don’t do sponsored posts, and I never promise to review a book unless I love it and think folks that read this blog would love it, too.

If you are an author or publisher considering contacting me about reviewing a book, I would encourage you to visit the “About” page here, as well as the “Book List,” and take the time to read some reviews before contacting me. That should give you a good idea of whether or not your book might be a good fit for the readers here.

Please note: It is extremely rare that I review anything other than books. If you’re considering contacting me about a product or service, I will probably decline your offer. I’ll just put that out there now and save you some work!

Where can I Find You?

I would love to connect with you! Let me know where I can do that in the comments below.