I would love to hear from you (especially if you have a really great book recommendation)! You can email me at thea@littlebookbigstory.com.  I also show up from time to time on Instagram and Pinterest. Here are a few other places you can find my work online:


Deeply Rooted Magazine, Issue 11: Wisdom | Little Book, Big Story

In addition to sharing book reviews here, I am a freelance editor and a regular contributor for Deeply Rooted Magazine. In the past, I have served as a content editor for Deeply Rooted, as well as a contributor and illustrator for Wildflowers Magazine. My work has also appeared in Story Warren and Tirzah Magazine.

You can find a few of my published pieces below (but if you only read one, read this one):

What is Certainlife in quarantine (Deeply Rooted)
Behold, the Kingthe Incarnation (Deeply Rooted)
The Ingredients We Have on Handon writing (Story Warren)
To My Church on the Day it Dissolves” (Deeply Rooted)
Three Questions to Ask Before You Take My Adviceon parenting (Deeply Rooted)
The Riot & The Dance” —
interview with N. D. Wilson (Deeply Rooted)
Whatever is Pure and Lovelyon imagination (Story Warren)
A Home & A Hungerinterview with Caroline Cobb (Deeply Rooted)
Come to Him Like Little Children” —on prayer (Deeply Rooted)
Through the Waters” —on motherhood (Deeply Rooted)
The Savior and the Saved” —my testimony (Deeply Rooted)
A Letter to My Daughter About Beauty” (Deeply Rooted)
The Conviction of Things Not Seen on play (Story Warren)
How I Learned to Love Love Stories” (Deeply Rooted)
At the Threshold of the Day” —on early mornings (Deeply Rooted)


Thea Rosenburg | Little Book, Big Story
Gabriel Boone Photography

. . . and I write songs! These days I mostly sing for my kids in our kitchen, but here are some places you find my music online:

For You, Lord” (video) our pastor invited me to share a song with our church congregation during quarantine (2020).

The Songs of Fanny Crosby, by Gateway Hymns a project recorded with friends to accompany an issue of Wildflowers Magazine (2019).

The First Spring a full-length live album recorded in 2013.

Red Shoes” (video) / “Sugar or Cream” (video) live recordings for our local college radio station (2007).

Tricks & Sirens an EP recorded with Murder Mountain Records (2007).

Where Can I Find You?

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