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Where Else can you find my writing?

Deeply Rooted | Through the Waters” (May 2017)

Deeply Rooted | “The Savior and the Saved” (Apr. 2017)

Story Warren | “Whatever is Pure and Lovely” (Mar. 2017)

Tirzah Magazine | “4 Tips for Connecting With the Moms in . . . ” (Mar. 2017)

Deeply Rooted | “To Dust You Shall Return” (Mar. 2017)

Deeply Rooted | “In the Beginning” (Dec. 2016)

Deeply Rooted | “The Christ Candle” (Dec. 2015)

Deeply Rooted | “The Shepherd’s Candle” (Dec. 2015)

Deeply Rooted | “The Candle of Prophecy” (Dec. 2015)

Story Warren | “Reading Lessons” (July 2015)

Deeply Rooted | “A Letter to My Daughter About Beauty” (May 2015)

Story Warren | “The Conviction of Things Not Seen” (Apr. 2015)

Deeply Rooted | “How I Learned to Love Love Stories” (Feb. 2015)

Deeply Rooted | “At the Threshold of the Day” (Sept. 2014)


And I am a regular contributor to Deeply Rooted‘s print magazine, so you can find my articles and essays in their pretty pages.

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If you have questions or comments, you can reach me at I would love to hear from you (especially if you have a really great book recommendation)!

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