God is like an apple.

When put like that, the Trinity sounds simple. Suspiciously simple. In fact, it sounds almost as though the author is shrinking a profound truth into a cute metaphor, reducing a mystery into a comfortable object that we can hold in our hand. I had my reservations about that, but this book received such consistently glowing reviews on Amazon that I decided to take the plunge and see how, exactly, God is like an apple.

3 in 1 | Little Book, Big Story

Prepare yourself: this is yet another glowing review of 3 in 1. Of the books we’ve purchased recently, this is one of the best—a crystal clear picture of God and the Gospel that loses nothing in the telling but instead added to my own understanding of the Gospel by explaining the way that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit interact when a person comes to faith in Christ.

This is theology for kids in the best sort of way. Marxhausen doesn’t talk down to kids, though the language she uses is clear and simple. The illustrations are simple as well, but the images the artists use are somehow just right for illustrating the unseen, successfully using color and shape to depict God in a way that doesn’t flirt with breaking commandments.

3 in 1 | Little Book, Big Story

That said, I want to close on a very clear note: I heartily, heartily recommend 3 in 1. I’m sure you can think up some excuse to go buy it right now, right?

3 in 1: A Picture of God
Joanne Marxhausen, Ed Koehler