I fully intended to share a book with you today. I had one picked out that was perfect for Good Friday (how many picture books are perfect for Good Friday?), but when I sat down to proofread it this morning, I realized that I had neglected to photograph the book. Alas! So instead I will share some resources for observing Good Friday at home.

First: this album, recorded by Gateway Hymns, is full of beautiful music for Good Friday.

Second: Perhaps your church already has a Good Friday service, but if not, you’re welcome to join our church’s online service here. Good Friday is one of my favorite services of the year, as it sets up the joy of Easter morning by giving us room to remember both the necessity and the costliness of the Cross. Both Mitch and I got to participate in this service, and I am so grateful for the chance to meditate on Jesus’ death at a time when we feel the effects of the Fall so keenly.

And when Easter morning comes, may yours be filled with joy! This Lenten season has been unlike any I’ve observed before: we have waited, like the disciples, in sorrow and grief, mourning our losses and wondering what will happen next. But the joy of the Resurrection transforms our suffering—its light pierces these dark days like a beacon. When the sun rises on Easter morning, let’s say it together in our homes, God’s people (for now) dispersed, but unified in him: He is risen.