In 100 short readings, Best News Ever guides young readers through the book of Mark. This Bible study for kids features the elements I look for in studies for adults: it spends more time in Scripture itself than in extra teaching or discussion questions; it looks at Scripture in context; it looks at all of the passage, even the hard parts; and it doesn’t rush to the question “But what does this mean to me?

Best News Ever, by Chris Morphew | Little Book, Big Story

Best News Ever is written for kids aged 9-12, but I could see a number of ways you could use it: as a family devotional, as a youth group study, or as a personal devotional for kids. I could even see reading it as a new believer, because Chris Morphew does a great job of linking the book of Mark to the rest of Scripture in a way I love now and would have loved as a new and slightly-bewildered-by-the-Bible Christian. Morphew’s tone throughout is friendly and honest, and he knows when to stand back and let Scripture speak and when to gently clarify a confusing passage.

Best News Ever, by Chris Morphew | Little Book, Big Story

Best News Ever provides helpful guidance and structure for readers, but its role is supportive: Scripture takes the lead here, and the devotions don’t steal the show.

Best News Ever
Chris Morphew (2019)

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