I’ll just say it: it’s hard to find good theological books for toddlers.

There are some awesome board book standards out there (most of them written by Sandra Boynton), but when it comes to Christian books for the under three set, the selection is lamentably sparse and regrettably prone to sticky sweet rhyme schemes.

Perhaps I am too critical. But when looking for books about God for an 18-month-old with an attention span three heartbeats long, I want meat. I want to cut right to the chase. (And I want awesome illustrations.)

Is that too much to ask?

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise | Little Book, Big Story

Apparently, Tomie dePaola doesn’t think so. Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise is a beautiful book, short and to the point, based around verses culled from the book of Daniel and Psalm 148. There is a joy to the rhythm of the text, a passion to the illustrations, and a clear and perfect message for those busy little ones: “Hey, everybody! Praise God!”

If I have only three heartbeats in which to tell my child something, I want to tell her that: Praise God!

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise | Little Book, Big Story

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise
Tomie dePaola (2011)