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The baby blanket is done; the countdown is on. With only a half dozen days left until this baby is due, our house looks like a nest built twig by twig—if the twigs were baskets […]

A Baby Girl!!

When reviewing our ultrasound results yesterday, my doctor asked, “Do we know yet if it’s a boy or a girl?” “A fourth girl!” I said, beaming. He smiled, thought for a moment, and asked, “Have […]

Starting a New Notebook

Remember our family notebooks? I’m starting a new one! A few months ago we learned that our family is going to grow bigger by one! We have been thinking (and speaking) in exclamation points since […]

When Do We Find Time to Read Aloud?

Be warned: I am not a spontaneous person. Some people might look at our daily routine and weep over the repetition of it all, but I’m cool with that. I find that repetition comforting and conducive to […]

Summer Vacation (Part V)

I’m in the midst of school shopping/writing art lesson plans (more on that later)/unpacking and cleaning house after hosting an exchange student and taking a trip to Lake Roesiger (now you understand why I’ve been milking […]

Summer Vacation (Part IV)

I am coming back, I promise. It’s just that I keep falling asleep in the backyard or in the rocking chair on the front porch with my feet up on the railing, when I feel like I ought […]

Summer Vacation (Part III)

Another blog post from elsewhere to tide you over while I sit poolside during swimming lessons: “Should You Limit Your Child’s Reading Choices?” by Haley, of Carrots for Michaelmas. Enjoy!

Summer Vacation (Part II)

We’re still out in the garden, harvesting tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers. But if you’re itching to read about books today, here is one of my favorite posts on the topic of reading with kids: “Raising […]

Summer Vacation (Part I)

I’m taking a few weeks off from blogging to enjoy the berries, potlucks and long, lovely evenings of summer in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll be back around mid-August with more book reviews, but until then, I […]

Welcome, Phoebe Mae!

Well, it’s been nearly a week since she arrived, but Phoebe’s here! Last Friday, December 13, Phoebe Mae joined our family, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Since then, she’s been thoroughly adored by her […]