I would love to hear from you (especially if you have a really great book recommendation)! You can email me at thea@littlebookbigstory.com.  I also show up from time to time on Instagram and Pinterest. Here are a few other places you can find my work online:


Deeply Rooted Magazine, Issue 11: Wisdom | Little Book, Big Story

In addition to sharing book reviews here, I am a freelance editor and writer. You can learn more about my work for other publications here.


Thea Rosenburg | Little Book, Big Story
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. . . and I write songs! These days I mostly sing for my kids in our kitchen, but here are some places you find my music online:

For You, Lord” (video) our pastor invited me to share a song with our church congregation during quarantine (2020).

The Songs of Fanny Crosby, by Gateway Hymns a project recorded with friends to accompany an issue of Wildflowers Magazine (2019).

The First Spring a full-length live album recorded in 2013.

Red Shoes” (video) / “Sugar or Cream” (video) live recordings for our local college radio station (2007).

Tricks & Sirens an EP recorded with Murder Mountain Records (2007).

Where Can I Find You?

I would love to connect with you! Let me know where I can do that in the comments below.