I hope you know by now that I’m not interested in selling things to you. The books on this blog have turned up in libraries and secondhand bookstores, on the shelves of friends and as gifts. They have deepened the flavor of life for our family and so I, of my own volition, have written about them here, not because I was asked to or paid to write about them, but because I wanted to share them with you.

I state this so plainly because today’s post might, otherwise, smell a little fishy. I am a member of the staff at Deeply Rooted, and, as it is not a children’s book (or even an actual book), it is out of keeping with my usual review fare—but not so out of keeping that I couldn’t justify sharing it today. Consider this one a post for you and, therefore, indirectly for the children you may or may not have.

Deeply Rooted Magazine | Little Book, Big Story

So, I write to you now not as a copy editor, but as a wife and mother who read Deeply Rooted‘s first issue from cover and cover and loved every bit of it. The content is rich; the photography beautiful. It reads less like a magazine and more like a 96-page anthology of carefully curated essays, interviews, recipes and DIY projects, punctuated with gorgeous photographs, as well as hand-lettered and watercolor illustrations. There are no ads, only biblical wisdom on subjects that range from love letters to natural living to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. (For more on the difference between Deeply Rooted and conventional magazines, read here.)

The magazine is released quarterly, so the summer issue just came out last week. My copy arrived on Saturday and since then, I’ve read it through once before turning back to savor certain articles, lingering over them as I do over the best sort of dessert. I can write to you as a reader, yes, but I can also write to you as a copy editor now and tell you that, ladies, this issue is good. I have bonded—really bonded—with a few of those pieces, and the care and attention that goes into every word on those pages is a lovely thing to behold. If you’d rather not curl up with Grudem’s Systematic Theology at nap time, but would like something equally rich yet served in multiple, small courses, then Deeply Rooted is for you.

Deeply Rooted Magazine
Issue 2: Plant (Spring 2014)