Once a day, we go for a walk. It’s a big outing for us now, and invariably includes a stop to visit our neighbor’s chickens. (That is the extent of our analog socializing for now: the neighbor’s chickens.) But along the way, we hunt for stuffed animals hidden in windows and on porches, and we search the neighborhood for handmade signs: “Apart Together.” “We got this.” “We can do hard things.”

Our own sign says “Thank You,” and around it ranges a constellation of Post-It notes naming everyone we could think of to thank, from God to grannies (Phoebe’s addition). And then there’s Sarah’s addition, the one that is the reason for today’s post: “Authors.” In her words, “We would be so bored right now without them!”

Recently, S. D. Smith wrote about the importance of supporting artists and authors during this pandemic, as the cancellation of events and tours has meant that many of them are losing revenue they need in order to keep doing the work we (and they) love so much.

I know that the internet is filled with things we can do to help, and that is as much a gift as it is—at times—overwhelming. So, here is a little, bite-sized list of authors and artists mentioned frequently on this blog and how we can support them right now.

Slugs & Bugs

Slugs and Bugs | Little Book, Big Story

Slugs & Bugs is currently running a “SlugStarter” (like a KickStarter, but with a better name!) to fund their newest project—a new silly songs album! Learn more about that here.

S. D. Smith

Ember Falls, by S. D. Smith | Little Book, Big Story

S. D. Smith, author of the Green Ember series, just released the final installment of the series. (Want to know more? I reviewed the earlier books in the series—but have, alas! fallen behind in my reading—here.) Order a copy of that book or any of the others to help keep his good work going.

Dianne Jago

Deeply Rooted Magazine: Issue 13 | Little Book, Big Story

You haven’t heard Dianne mentioned here by name, but she is the founder of Deeply Rooted Magazine. She wrote a book! And it launched right at the start of the closures and lockdowns, so I encourage you to pick up a copy of A Holy Pursuit (or, if you’ve read it already, left an Amazon review). I haven’t read the full book yet, but I got to peek at it early in the process and it looks so good—a biblical look at the popular myth of “Following your dreams.”

The Riot & The Dance (N. D. Wilson)

The Riot & The Dance: Earth is a stunning nature documentary filled with solid theology and directed by N. D. Wilson (author of 100 Cupboards and a bunch of our favorite books; you can read my interview with him here). The Riot & The Dance: Water, the second film in the series, just released last month, and you can stream both films for free on Vidangel. But this is work worth supporting: buy a t-shirt. Buy books by N. D. Wilson or Gordon Wilson. Keep the good stuff coming!

Ned Bustard

Reformation ABCs, by Stephen J. Nichols | Little Book, Big Story

Ned Bustard is one of my favorite illustrators, known best around here for illustrating Church History ABCs, its sequels, and Every Moment Holy. But he also sells prints of his (excellent!) linocuts on Etsy. Grab one (or three) here and show support your support.

Andrew Peterson

The Wingfeather Saga & Wingfeather Tales | Little Book, Big Story

Andrew Peterson recently released new editions of the first two books in The Wingfeather Saga (which I love deeply and reviewed in full here). The book covers are gorgeous. These are totally worth buying even if you already have the other ones. (Don’t ask how many copies of Anne of Green Gables I own based on this logic alone.)

Scott James

A two-week devotional for Easter: Mission Accomplished, by Scott James | Little Book, Big Story

Author of the Easter devotional Mission Accomplished, and the Advent devotional The Littlest Watchman (both reviewed here), Scott James is adept and telling big truths to little people. His newest book Where is Wisdom? launched last week and is inspired by Job. I haven’t read it personally, but I know he’s an author worth supporting.

Wildflowers Magazine

Wildflowers Magazine | Little Book, Big Story

Wildflowers magazine is full of fun projects for kids currently house-bound, and they are currently offering a free printables to their newsletter subscribers! These include coloring pages, DIY projects, and more (even one of the short stories featuring my illustrations). They have also marked down all their past issues to $8 apiece! Learn more about the giveaways here, or go here to order an issue of Wildflowers.

Those are a few ideas. You could also buy anything from the Rabbit Room store, which is filled with work by artists, musicians, and authors worth supporting.

Staying Home | Little Book, Big Story

And if you know of other authors or artists we can support, please mention them in the comments below!