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The Creation Story | Norman Messenger

I never tire of hearing the creation story. How exuberant life must have been then, as the world burst into being, perfect and new—a place where moments might be savored without the bitter knowledge that they would not […]

The Maggie B. | Irene Haas

I am not one to grow weepy at the thought of my children getting older, but there is something about the thought of this child turning four that gives me pause. She has always been […]

The Golden Feather | David & JJ Heller

This time last year, I was nearly thirty, newly pregnant, and too queasy to eat my own birthday cake. We went to my favorite bakery, where the cakes have names like “Chocolate Bliss” and “Lemon […]

Eight Cousins | Louisa May Alcott

One of  the quirks about having only daughters is that, unless you happen to have a pack of boy cousins handy, your girls might find the behavior of boys a bit shocking. You see, our […]

How to be a Baby, by Me the Big Sister | Sally Lloyd-Jones

Certain authors are going to find their names liberally sprinkled throughout this blog. I should tell you up front that Sally Lloyd-Jones will be one of them. Like that cool aunt who doesn’t pat heads, […]

What Katy Did | Susan Coolidge

Every now and then a book that startles you by beginning as one thing and ending as something else altogether. Maybe it’s an adventure story that morphs into a pitch perfect allegory.* Or maybe it […]

Heidi | Johanna Spyri

Heidi is iconic. Classic. Everybody’s read it (or so it would seem). When I say “Heidi,” don’t you just see the sides of the Swiss Alps, velvety green and dotted with sheep, unrolling before our sure-footed […]