At long last, she’s here! She kept us waiting nine days past our due date, but on Wednesday, Josephine Joy made her debut and was greeted by adoring fans:

All Four | Little Book, Big Story
Lydia and Josephine | Little Book, Big Story
Sarah and Josie | Little Book, Big Story

I love to hear the stories behind baby names, so I’ll share hers with you: we loved the link to Joseph, one of our favorite figures in Scripture, and we couldn’t resist the literary nod to Little Women. Joy is my mom’s middle name and, combined with Josephine, means, “Jehovah increases joy,” which is perfect, because in granting us another daughter, that is exactly what God has done—he has increased our joy. There are layers to this baby’s name, my friends.

And now, I’m signing off for a bit. There’s a baby to be snuggled, after all!